The factory producing fiberglass for optical communication of POSTEF Company, belonging to VNPT Group, is the first factory in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in this field.

Over the past 25 years, 100% of fiber optic plants in Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia have to import optical fibers from advanced countries in the world.



With the first fiberglass factory to serve the production of fiber optic cables coming into operation, VNPT has accomplished its goal of mastering technology, being proactive in manufacturing and using IT industrial products instead of having to imported entirely from abroad.



At the same time, aiming to export optical fibers to some markets that VNPT Group is investing in and doing business in Southeast Asia such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia …

With a total investment of up to 380 billion VND, the plant has a design capacity of 3.2 million km of fiber optic/year, using the world’s latest technology. The main production line (spinning tower) is provided by NEXTROM (Finland).




Quality control equipment, product measurement imported from PK Company (USA). The input billet and fiber optic manufacturing technology were transferred by SUMITOMO Corporation (Japan). Especially, the factory was built to meet international clean standards level 6 designed and constructed by TAIKISHA Company (Japan) in the form of EPC.



This is also the first factory of POSTEF to adopt a smart production model, a smart factory and achieve the smart factory goal by 2020.

The representative of VNPT Group said that POSTEF has now started to approach the Performing technology to gradually master the basic technology, which is a solid premise for the expansion of fiber production.



POSTEF will continue to research and manufacture fiber optic products with high transmission speed, small bend radius to meet the needs of marine fiber optic cable production as well as intelligent application solutions and connectivity needs. in the 4.0 era.



According to Tuoitre