The restaurant is named after the drugstore her Hokkien great-great-grandfather, who settled down in Thailand 130 years ago, founded. Potong is credited for popularizing a herb potion for women that are still being sold to this day.

The long tradition of Chinese immigrants comes to the fore at Potong restaurant, embodied in “5 Elements, 5 Senses,” a tasting menu that also displays the chef’s progressive cooking. Each of the 20 courses on the menu is closely intertwined with stories from Chef Pam’s childhood and background.

The majority of ingredients used for the multi-course meal are made in-house by the Potong crew, from the soy sauce, to the miso, to the fermented tea. And a dedication to detail is seen in many courses like a 14-day dry-aged duck, barbecued Angus beef, and stir-fried Chinese kale, served all together with six dipping sauces. Accompanying each dish was a postcard with messages Pam had written for her great-grandfather.

Potong’s “5 Elements, 5 Senses” menu costs B4,500++/person. The shop is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

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