Also known as “Car Temple” or “Pura Mobil” by the locals, the Pura Paluang Car Temple is a unique temple in the world. In the main shrine, there are two shrines built in the shape of two cars complete with the wheels, the hood is made of stone.

The temple is located within a monkey forest and overlooks the Indian Ocean. It is built of white sandstone and the inner sanctum features a shrine built to resemble a small house between two cars – a jeep and a VW beetle – carved out of stone. 

The elders of the village have no account of how the temple came to be,and claim that it stood long before there were any cars in Indonesia. To add to the mystery, locals claim to hear the sounds of car engines coming from the site at night! Few years ago, the car building made of wood since the wood has begun loss does not eliminate the size, shape and design of the building renovation was repeated by using the stones to make it more durable and long lasting.

Pura Paluang Car Temple is located in the village of Karang Dawa, western area of Nusa Penida. The trip to this temple needs time around 40 minutes from Nusa Penida Port. The temple be guarded by hundreds monkeys, that standing just above the steep cliff and quite far from the village of Karang Dawa.

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