Razer was founded in the late 90s when the concept of gaming gear was still quite unclear and not as popular as it is today. Razer‘s founder Min Lian Tang has been an avid gaming enthusiast since childhood. It was the very hobby with the passion for the business that led him to set up a maker of computer components for gaming purposes.



Razer designs products like headsets, controllers, and keyboards. With the slogan “by gamer, for gamer” Min Lian Tang had launched the Razer Boomslang gaming mouse with all the gaming experience he had.



And that was the world’s first gaming mouse, optimized for both form, grip, and gaming performance. Boomsang’s futuristic design made it stand out from other computers at the same time. And since then, the company has released a series of products specifically for gamers.




Razer received the investment, officially merged into the US-based Razer inc corporation and so we have Razer brand name today. As of 2015, the company has occupied a 30% market share of the gaming computer components industry. Especially in the gaming headset segment, Razer is almost the leader in the market despite fierce competition from other giant companies.

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