Opened in 2005, the museum is a branch of the Red Dot Design Museum in Germany and showcases over 200 contemporary designs – all of which are winners of the International Red Dot Design Award, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious design competitions of the world. This is also the first and only museum of its kind in Asia.

The collection of wonders housed at Singapore’s Red Dot Design Museum includes concepts from all over the globe, from Belgium to Japan, with innovative gadgets and equipment to help make our lives easier –  like a pregnancy test for the blind, a tap designed for people with one arm, and elevated bathtubs.

To get an overview of the space’s curatorial perspective on design, visit “A Preview of the Future”—Red Dot Award: Design Concept. This showcase of more than 345 award-winning designs offers visitors a glimpse of the future, with objects on display including a wallet that sorts your notes and coins and a wheelchair that plays music.

Besides being a repository of world-class design, Red Dot Design Museum is the perfect destination for design lovers looking to take home a memento. Its museum shop is a trove of locally-designed wares, from the Blackout Watch—an elegant, minimalistic timepiece—to the LUMIO lamp, which bears resemblance to a hard-cover book.

The Red Dot Design museum also has a design cafe and bar where the entire menu is curated to go along with the theme of the rest of the museum.


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