About 8 km south of Singapore city, the 3.5 km2 wide landfill of the Semakau waste treatment complex (located on the Pulau Semakau archipelago off the coast of Singapore) is the world’s first marine ecological landfill. 

This landfill is specially designed by engineers and environmentalists from Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA).

Established in 1999, this landfill costed about $400 million and can hold up to 63 million cubic meters of trash which is good enough for Singapore to dispose off their trash till 2040.



How it works is that the garbage is turned into ash by Singapore’s incineration plants and then shipped to the island.

The water between the two islands is divided into cells. These cells are drained before the ash fills them.Thereafter, it is covered with soil so that the birds and insects can pollinate and nourish the plants.

Before the ash-filled water is discharged into the sea, the wastewater treatment plant makes sure that it is properly treated.

The wastewater treatment plant is lined with an impermeable membrane to prevent the harmful substances from leaking into the surrounding waters.



Thanks to Singapore’s mind-blowing efficiency, this landfill attracts a lot of rare species of birds and animals. In fact, it is one of the best places in Singapore for bird-watching.

According to Scoop Whoop