The Timbre group last week showcased drone servants as they bring food from the kitchen to consumers using technology designed by Infinium Robotics.

The craft fly above human height and have infrared sensors to avoid collisions with drones, customers and other obstacles. However, Infinium Robotics is currently investing in more silent models as its current drone range runs too loudly for conventional use in restaurants.



The autonomous drones (pictured) fly back and forth from the kitchen, carrying drinks or dishes to the restaurant’s customers.

These drones are not meant to replace humans. The plate-carrying drones do all the legwork that serving staff usually do, but the waiters remain on hand to attend to customers. The drones won’t fly to your table – instead, they zoom from the kitchen to a drop-off area where the flesh-and-bones staff will pick up the order and take it to the right table.



Singapore’s F&B sector, like other service industries in the city-state, is grappling with a shortage of workers brought on by a tightening of labor policies in the recent years.



Replacing a waiter with a robot will solve Singapore’s labor crisis, while at the same time enabling people to take on more interesting and higher value-added jobs, such as receiving negative comments. or receive a request to order wine from a customer.

According to CNBC, Techinasia