Google's office is not in central Singapore, but in Mapletree Business City, near Sentosa Island. This building opened in November 2016. At that time Google in Singapore had more than 1,000 employees. And to become a "citizen" here, you have to go through 10 exams.



Inside the giant Google search engine is not too complicated as many people think. This is an open space, with full facilities for 24/7 technology staff. Google creates open spaces where employees can relax and unleash their creativity. People are served with free from AZ: novel dishes, massages, entertainment, sports … Yes rest rooms, prayers, bars, breastfeeding, clothes … Besides, Google has a manual room, which is equipped with 3D printers, cutters, saws, scissors, chisels … so that people can make their own.



Contrary to many other companies, Google's office space does not divide cells but creates open spaces where employees can chat with each other, play around and draw funny shapes on the wall. An employee can immediately write on a wall an initiative. Most meeting rooms have transparent glass doors.



Google in Singapore has dozens of large and small meeting rooms with different designs and uses. This matching room looks like a home cinema but has lots of chairs and colors. These meeting rooms do not have light or electrical switches because they have motion sensors that detect themselves when someone enters. Therefore, Google employees can come to work at any time, even at 0am.



There are unconnected spaces between floors, avoiding the feeling of confinement. Although there are elevators, the company encourages employees to take the stairs to exercise health. Each area is again decorated and named after a very Asian theme, for example Georgetown (Malaysia). As a multicultural company with employees from different countries, Google often shows harmony, from organizing Lunar New Year celebrations to naming meeting rooms like "Sapa" or "Tuk-tuk. ". The company also has private rooms where devotees can come in to pray every day.



Google employees can work anywhere, except in private areas. They are provided with a MacBook or Chromebook upon request. Staff can also work in groups at large tables. The private table also has no partitions, no distinction between "employee" or "boss".

According to Zingnews