To determine these rankings, BHTP analyzes a combination of State of Travel Insurance 2022 survey responses from travelers who have been to the destinations and several third-party data sources. These additional sources evaluate safety concerns such as terrorism, weather emergencies, health measures and the safety of women and minorities.

In order to identify the safest cities, BHTP pulled destinations from readily available lists created by expert sources including Expedia and American Express, narrowing down to 23 cities. Similar to safest countries, only travelers that had previously visited these cities were able to rank them using a variety of safety measures and based on personal experience. Lastly, combining those numbers with recent safety survey ratings from The Economist and GeoSure Global, BHTP outlined final results. 

So why is Singapore one of the safest tourist cities? With the nickname “Switzerland of Asia”, Singapore is a clean country, with more than 50% of the area covered with trees, including 50 different large and small parks and 4 nature reserves that make the city look like a ravishing garden.

Singapore is less affected by natural disasters, and the possibility of theft or kidnapping is quite low (it still happens but the number is not large), so female tourists traveling here have some peace of mind because it is very safe here.

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