It could only be demonstrated by flying it indoors, due to Singapore’s legal requirements for personal aerial vehicles. Resembling a giant drone, ‘Snowstorm’ comprises motors, propellers, and landing gears set within a hexagonal frame and can be controlled by the person sitting in it, or remotely.



It’s environmentally friendly too, as the three rechargeable lithium batteries get their energy from solar power.

Snowstorm has a hexagonal structure made of the plated aluminum beam, owns 24 propeller motors with a diameter of 76cm, a capacity of 2.2kW. The driver’s position is located in the middle of the drone, supported by 6 landing gear, attached to 6 air-pumped balls to absorb the impact force during landing. Snowstorm has 3 rechargeable batteries with a total capacity of 52.8kW.


Snowstorm’s flight control system allows users to speed, up and down, and fly in circles. In particular, this drone also offers autonomous driving modes similar to keeping altitude, flying.


This remarkable machine took more than a year to complete, with the support of FrogWorks, an organization created in partnership with the Design Center Program of the NUS School of Engineering (DCP) and the Student Talent Program (USP), according to the NUS website.



However, Snowstorm still needs to adjust as currently, the drone is not really safe because there is no protection for the driver. In addition, the team also aims to build the drone in a direction that can be removed and transported more easily.

According to South China Morning Post