The decision is made in the context of Thailand’s efforts to promote the tourism industry to attract international visitors, reviving one of the country’s key economic sectors. The news of the Songkran Water Festival is allowed to celebrate in 2021, bringing a good signal for international and domestic tourists.



In 2020, the Songkran water festival, which was the biggest festival in Thailand, was postponed indefinitely during the year due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic.



However, local officials insisted that this year’s festival must be followed by anti-epidemic control measures. Previously, in the announcement from December 2020, international visitors who wanted to go to Thailand had to undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine, of which, 7 days of hotel isolation, the next 7 days were moved. on the hotel premises.



In addition, visitors must have a 3-time negative test result for Covid-19 to travel freely in Thailand on a special tourist visa (STV). With this visa, guests can stay in Thailand for 90 days, which can be extended 2 times, each additional 90 days for 2000 baht / time (about 1 million 550 thousand VND / time).



According to Yeah! Travel