GeForce NOW is essentially a gaming cloud service that offers a whole new gaming experience for players, where they can play over 800 titles of their favourite games on their devices, without the requirements of any storage space or specialized gaming hardware.

Through this service, anyone is set up to play even the most demanding games on their phones, tablets, or devices, including those not meant to run games. Games though this service will be processed via the cloud, through StarHub’s 5G network.



This will take gaming to another level as hefty rigs and space are technically unnecessary if you’re using the service. And guess what, this cloud gaming service is available for everyone even if you’re not a StarHub subscriber.

Given the shortage of GPUs in the market right now, this would be a boon to Starhub users if they would like to play the latest games at the highest settings on their current rigs.

StarHub has announced that it will be the first telco in Southeast Asia and the only operator in Singapore to introduce NVIDIA’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service. The streaming platform was a long time in the making, first debuting as the “GeForce GRID” way back in 2013 and only completed its beta phase last February.

According to Geek Culture