The ancient village was built on 80 hectares since 1963. This area is located in Tambon Bang Pu Mai, at km 33.5 of Sukhumvit Old Town, about 30 km from Bangkok. This is truly a massive construction of Thai people. More specifically, this project is invested and built by the private sector for more than 20 years. The most special thing here is Sumeru mountain palace, guarded by the giant Anondha fish. 



Ancient City was founded by Thai millionaire Khun Lek Viriyaphant. He also created the Erawan Museum in Samut Prakan and the Sanctuary of the Truth in Pattaya. He built the Ancient City area as a place to preserve and spread the thousand-year-old culture of Thailand.



The most interesting aspect of this unique temple is the giant Anondha fish that surrounds the temple almost as if its banishing any bad omens or threats. Amidst the lake, the Sumeru temple guarded by a giant fish boasts an imposing charm. To take a stroll around here, visitors will have to traverse a winding bridge that cuts through the magnificent surrounding scenery.



On entering the charming Sumeru temple, visitors will be mesmerised and overwhelmed by its sophisticated architectural style that encompasses distinctive Thai culture. It is undeniable that thanks to this unique structure, this picture-perfect spot is becoming increasingly popular and is attracting a large number of tourists. The temple provides endless inspiration for photographers to capture an array of stunning shots.



In addition to taking a stroll around the Sumeru temple, visitors could also opt for a meander through Ancient City, also known as “Little Thailand”. Constructed on a vast land stretching for about 97 hectares, the area attracts tourists not only due to its ornate monuments, architectural masterpieces, imposing statues and magnificent temples but also because of its rich Thai culture and history.

According to Viaje Asean