Taokaenoi Food & Marketing PLC. (Public Limited Company) engages in the manufacture and distribution of seaweed snacks. The company operates through three segments: Snacks, Restaurants, and Seasoning powder. It offers fried, grilled, baked, crispy, roasted, and tempura seaweeds; and souvenirs, roll farm products, corn snacks, mini breads, corns, fruits, and potato sticks.

Kind of Tao Kae Noi Crispy seaweed snacks:

1.Fried Seaweed (Flavour: Classic,Hot & Spicy, Tom Yum Goong, Seafood, Angry Spicy BBQ, Cheese)

2.Grilled Seaweed (Flavour: Classic,Hot & Spicy, Angry Spicy BBQ, Spicy Grilled Squid)

3.Roasted Seaweed (Flavour: Original, Japanese Sauce, Chicken Larb)

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