The museum started its operation on 31 August 2013 and operates Purrfect Cat Cafe (two doors away from Camera Museum) as well as The Owl Museum and Love Lock on Penang Hill. 

It houses more than 1,000 different cameras and accessories that visitors may have never seen. The cameras are displayed in reverse-chronological order like tourists are traveling back in time with the cameras.

The museum is housed in a two-story shop house building with a total floor area of 325 m2, which is divided into Dark Room, Obscura Room and Pinhole Room. The Dark Room shows how photosensitive films are chemically processed. The Obscura Room shows one of the earliest methods to capture an image before the invention of photographic film. The Pinhole Room showcases the basic principle of how an image is captured inside a camera.

Camera Museum regularly hosts artistic exhibits for local photographers on the 1st floor. It also features a cafe and souvenir shop. 

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