This place is associated with the legend of Ba Den and attracts hundreds of thousands, even millions of tourists to visit each year. Anyone who has a chance to travel to Tay Ninh does not want to miss this special destination.



After traveling to Tay Ninh, visiting Ba Den pagoda and visiting the mountain, many young people recorded many pictures depicting the majestic scenery of Buddha statue on top of Ba Den mountain . The giant statue, standing out between the windy and sunny natural landscape, overlooks the lush green plains that reinforce the beauty of the mountainous region known as the roof of the South.



The statue of Buddha Ba Tay Bon Da Son was inaugurated right before the New Year’s Eve, quickly became a symbolic work of Ba Den mountain and attracted many visitors from near and far. This religious building has a height of 72m and is cast by more than 170 tons of bronze.



The entire Buddha statue includes the lotus, the 5-storey podium and the main statue. With such impressive height and material, up to the present time, this is the tallest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam in particular and Asia in general.



According to many experts, the “Tay Bon Da Son” statue is crafted based on the prototype of Buddha statues in the pagodas of the Le dynasty. Therefore, architectural elements also contain many different meanings. Accordingly, the statue of the Buddha on the top of Ba Den mountain has firm lines, decorated with rich motifs and patterns, creating a beautiful and bold Vietnamese image. 



More specifically, the crown of the Buddha’s head is carved in the image of Amitabha to honor the Buddha’s wisdom, diligence, compassion, understanding, and universal sentient beings. According to many artisans, the Buddha statue work on Ba Den mountain contains a lot of the quintessence of Vietnamese Buddhist culture and architecture as well as clear spiritual meaning.

According to Compass Travel Vietnam