For those who don’t like crowds, don’t want to work out in crowded gyms and struggle for equipment with others, this is a “dream come true”.

Users need to use the company’s app to reserve a smart container for a 30-minute session for as low as SGD 2.5 to SGD 7. The registration process is completely free, after the booking is complete, there will be a confirmation SMS with a 4-digit password to open the gym door.

The Gym Pod doesn’t come with a buffet-spread worth of gym equipment but you can definitely get the basics such as a treadmill, dumbbells ranging from 1kg to 20kg, an adjustable bench as well as a guided weight-plate-loaded bar, also known as a Smith Machine.

Everything from the air conditioner to its lights is set to automatically turn on before the user arrives, and when the customer is ready, simply enter the code previously received and press the “open” button that appears on the app screen and enjoy 30 minutes of private practice.

Up to 3 people can use this container room at the same time, and because the gym does not have a membership program, you will not have to pay any other fees other than the rental cost. Especially, this gym is open all day, even at midnight if you want to practice at that time, and the gym is also monitored 24/7 to protect the safety of customers so you won’t have to worry when practicing at a too late time.

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