The dimsum steamer-shaped building was designed by famous British architect Thomas Heatherwich. This design was also the finalist of the World Architecture Festival architecture contest in 2015. This work was completed in 2015 with a budget of up to 32.4 million USD.



The building belongs to the Nanyang Technological University campus in Jurong West. Called The Hive, also commonly known as Learning Hub, the work is done to encourage students to exchange ideas and create new breakthroughs. From a distance, visitors will think that the building is identical to the Dimsum dumplings stacked.



The layout of the rooms in the building made more people enjoy this place. With a space consisting of 12 8-storey towers, with 56 rooms inside are arranged around, The Hive has become a “check-in” place for many young people and tourists.



The space inside also makes people more overwhelmed by the asymmetrical design, following the open architecture. There are 12 towers in 1 The Hive, interconnected. You can easily move from tower to tower without having to go down the hall. All the corridors and stairs here are bent, viewed from above is a perfect and beautiful image.



Dimsum Building is also praised for its unique design to help circulate air easily, minimize the use of air-conditioners, reduce harmful heat, and extremely friendly with the environment. Many rows are also planted with green trees that are friendly with nature. Whether viewed from below or from above, visitors have the feeling of being lost in an art space, not a normal school anymore.

According to Tourism Singapore