The Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines offers tourists free "massages" any day of the week, but we wouldn't recommend getting one — because the masseuses are five 20-foot-long Burmese pythons and it requires going to a zoo, but only after they're fed ten chickens each to stave off hunger. You've had a stressful day and you could really use a hug. So why not treat yourself to a nice, relaxing snake massage!



At the Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines, visitors can enjoy the unusual experience of being pinned down by four giant Burmese pythons which slither on top of them for 15 minutes per session. Here’s how it works: You lie down on a bamboo mat while zookeepers brief you on the process. Then they take the four pythons — named Michelle, Walter, EJ and Daniel — out of their cages and pile them on top of you. 



The snakes, who weigh approximately 550 pounds combined, lay and slither atop those willing to partake in the treatment. As the snakes begin to writhe on your prone body, you maintain a polite, professional silence and let them do their job.

But what’s to stop the pythons from eating you? Technically, nothing. Each is fed a pre-massage snack of up to 10 chickens. The idea is they’ll be too stuffed to bother with the tasty human meal lying right underneath them. 



It’s a win-win situation — you get a cheap massage while the pythons get something warm to lie on. But there are a few rules: No shouting for help – the snake can feel your vibrations and thinks you're prey or a predator, so try to keep a cork in it for at least 15 minutes. No blowing air at them – apparently it's like pinching them on the bum (metaphorically speaking) and this can rile them up.



As the Daily Mail reports, the zoo's manager, Giovanni Romarate, said the zookeepers take great pains to make the snake massage safe. "Snakes do not attack as long as they are not harmed," Romarate said. "We also made sure that we use pythons because they are not venomous."

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