With four other islands besides the large ones, Phi Phi houses Bida Nok, Bida Nai, Ko Mai Phai, is also known as Bamboo Island. Phi Phi Islands became famous after the 2000 Hollywood flick ‘The Beach’ that was shot in Ko Phi Phi Le. Ko Phi Phi Leh houses The “Viking Cave” which is a thriving industry that sells edible birds nests.

It’s striking cliffs, white sand beaches with jungles all around and clear blue waters make it look nothing short of paradise. None of the islands has roads, and most of the islands are humanly inhabited, making Phi Phi Islands one of the few untainted beautiful landscapes left in the world. 

Some activities and places you can join and visit are:

Koh Phi Phi Leh

Ko Phi Phi Leh is an island of the Phi Phi Archipelago, known for its enormous vertical limestone cliffs capped with green foliage that give way to sandy beaches and coral seas. On this island, Loh Sama and Maya Bay offer turquoise blue, reef-ringed waters and snorkelling, diving and boating opportunities. The “Viking Cave” here is a thriving industry that sells edible bird nests harvested for soup within limestone caves.

Viking Cave

Housed inside the bottom of a tall limestone cliff near Tongsai Bay, Viking Cave features a huge collection of bird nests used to make traditional Chinese Soup. Apart from this thriving industry, the Viking Cave also shelters ancient wall paintings of sailors and boats from the Scandinavian Drakkar Longship of the Vikings. The cave is closed to tourists and can only be seen from the boat.

Viking Cave is home to cave-dwelling birds, especially Black-Nest Swiftlets, which secrete strands of saliva harvested during breeding.

Tonsai Tower Rock Climbing

Tonsai Tower is the main rock climbing wall on Ko Phi Phi Don Island, offering captivating views of the entire island and ocean. Rising 450 feet in height, the natural limestone formation has 48 routes bolted with titanium and stainless steel, catering to rock climbers of all skill levels. You can also hire a local guide from Tonsai Tower’s right side.

If you like adventure sports and want to get a great view of the islands, then this activity is tailor made for you! Don’t worry about experience as many adventure and travel companies offer half a day of basic traning for those willing to take on this task.

Shark Watching Tours

Shark watching tours are extremely popular in Phi Phi owing to abundant harmless species sheltered in Loh Samah Bay, Palong Bay, Bida Nok, Viking Cave and Long Beach. Black-tip reef sharks are the easiest to spot. There are no dangerous species of sharks in Phi Phi, so one can also dive into the water for a closer look. Snorkelers have higher chances of encountering than scuba divers, who scare the shark with their noisy bubbles.

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