The city is the capital and largest city of Mon State, and also the fourth largest town in Myanmar. Tourism is growing in the area, attracting tourists looking for a quiet town, Myanmar countryside and Buddhist pagodas.

Hpa An

Hpa An is a city located in the south of Myanmar, and is the capital of Kayin state and is one of the upcoming tourist destinations. Hpa An is known for its remote location surrounded by paddy fields, karst limestone mountains, many ancient caves and Buddhist pagodas. It is one of the recommended towns to visit if you want to experience the untouched countryside of Myanmar and the natural beauty it is blessed with

Hike to the top of Mount Zwegabin for a stunning sunrise. Explore Saddan, Kaw Ka Taung Kaw Goon Ya-The-By and Bat Caves to witness 11th-century statues of Buddha and paintings inside the walls of the caves. Kan Thar Yar Lake is best during the evening for a stroll. The best way to explore Hpa An is to rent a motorbike or take a tuk-tuk tour.


Mudon is a town in the Mon state located in southern Myanmar. The main attraction in Mudon is the Win Sein Buddha, which is the largest reclining statue of Buddha in the world. Hills surround the town dotted with paddy and rice fields. Its remote location attracts tourists who love uncrowded places and want to experience the countryside of Myanmar.

Tourists can visit the village of Kamawet, which has a community dedicated to conserving the culture of the Mon people. The centre has shops selling handmade products, handicrafts, and people also get to know the history and traditions in their exhibition. Other attractions worth checking out in Mudon include Kangyi Lake, Jon Jon Ja Forest Monastery and Kangyi Pagoda.

Setse Beach

Setse Beach is located on the Gulf of Martaban of the Andaman Sea close to Mawlamyine in Mon State, in southern Myanmar. It runs for over 5km long, but the beach is brown watered due to the silts that flow from the Salween river. It is popular among the tourists for a heritage resort that has been around for more than 50 years. The beach is popular among the locals who enjoy walks and hangout out the time of sunset on weekends and holidays.

Win Sein Taw Ya – Reclining Buddha

Win Sein Taw Ya is a Buddhist pagoda located close to the city of Mawlamyine in Myanmar. It is known for the world’s largest statue of reclining Buddha, and is among the attractions in the city worth visiting for tourists. There is a small temple consisting of paintings, inscriptions and statues of Buddha.

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