Haiphong is an industrial city and you can feel it in the air as soon as you enter. However, Haiphong also offers you with hidden relaxation, tucked and hidden away in the industrial town. It has a number of beaches and markets in addition to historical structures and pagodas and even a museum.

Haiphong is the third largest city in Vietnam has a variety of activities and places to explore. It is truly an undiscovered gem!

Do Son Beach

Do Son beach is a relaxing getaway from the nuances of everyday life.

Do Son, a penninsula formed by the Rong mountains is located just 20 km from Haiphong. Themed after the French style, the Do Son beach resort town consists of three zones – each having bathing beaches, hills and forests. Around the hills are located a variety of French themed buildings and zigzg roads. Do Son offers you the perfect retreat.

Haiphong City Museum

Housed in a gothic colonial structure in the town centre, the Hai Phong City Museum, a.k.a. Bao Tang Hai Phong, is every historian’s nirvana. This two-storey mansion equips unique artefacts, documents, and photographs showcasing the city’s glorious past, including findings and remnants from tombs, ceramics, taxidermy, and wars, along with their English translations, attracting not only local tourists but visitors from across the world. Full of treasures inside, this museum must be a part of one’s Hai Phong itinerary.

Elephant Mountain

About 20 kilometres from the bustling Hai Phong City, this gigantic mountain appears to be in the shape of an elephant lazily lying under the clear blue sky. One of the city’s prominent historical relics and national landscapes, tourists can trek their way up to the Elephant Mountain relic while passing some fascinating caves like Mong Voi Cave, Nam Tao Cave, and Bac Dau, a majestic well and numerous lush green forest trails. From the top of the mountain, one can witness a spectacular view of the city and enjoy captivating sunrises and sunsets.

Hai Phong City Opera House

Classified as a national monument, this neoclassical opera house located in the centre of Hai Phong city, Vietnam, is a classic example of the European culture that has been preserved since 1912. Surrounded by marvellous gardens and fountains, this massive yellow-colour theatre is of great significance in terms of history, art, and culture. With its splendid greek-roman architecture, winding staircases, and opulent pieces of art sprawled over two floors with a seating capacity of over 400 patrons, it is certainly pleasing to the eyes.

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