Dumai is a critical transport and trade hub, both regionally and internationally, especially with Malaysia. It is also known as Oil City which is listed as the second largest city in Indonesia after Manokwari.

Purnama Beach

One of the things to do in Dumai Indonesia is the sunset at Purnama Beach. The beach is located in the village Purnama, West Dumai District is one of the beach which is a new and favorite tourist destination in Dumai Indonesia.

With various facilities ranging from traditional saung places to rest and eat. In addition, in May this place is used as the largest kite festival place in Sumatra. In this beach, you deserve a place to relax enjoying the romantic atmosphere and the background for your next photo.

Dumai Forest

Forest Dumai Tourism is one of the right choice for you lovers of natural attractions. The beauty of the forest is located in the middle of Dumai city, just in Bukit Jin Bukit Timah Village, West Dumai District, 12 km from the city center.

With an area of ​​44 hectares, it can be reached by public transport. The beauty of pine vegetation makes this forest worth your time to relax and take pictures with beautiful pine background.

Al Manan Great Mosque

Al-Manan Great Mosque was built by Dumai City Government. This city is the administrative city of pemekaran from Bengkalis Regency, Riau Province. Dumai known as the Oil City is listed as the second largest city in Indonesia after Manokwari. Dumai community pride mosque is named Al-Manan. This name is one of the 99 names of Allah SWT. Al-Manan means the Grantor of Grace.

There are two dome placed on the right and left side of the building. In the four corners of the main dome there is a standing tower that adds magnificent effects to the entire mosque. So marvelous.

Pelintung Cave

Next one of the historic natural attractions is to visit Pelintung Cave. The cave is located in Pelintung Village, Medang Kampai District, 35 km from downtown Dumai and shaped like a hill called Kerudung hill.

It is said that this hill, according to the legend of the local community is a treasure trove by the Siamese pirates originating from China Saigon, they pile up the cave with rocks. Finally the cave resembles a towering hill shape. With the story of this cave, it becomes a magnet to attracts many tourists. You must visit it too!

According to allindonesiatourism.com