A typical suburban town in the country, Surat Thani is a laid-back town with a few night markets, historical and religious sites, and great Thai street cuisine on offer.

With important provinces like Krabi, Chumphon, Phang Na and Ranong neighbouring Surat Thani, it is considered an essential zone for trade, transport and tourism in Thailand. Travellers prefer to stop by to get cheap and easy access to other Thai cities. Being an old town, some ruins are still visible to this day and can be visited and explored.

Limestone Lake Rainforest Day Tours

Indulge in a Limestone Lake Rainforest Day Tour package and experience a treehouse stay, jungle trek and even canoe or boat ride experience in Khao Sok National Park. These tours are designed for guests to experience nature in its raw form and are a wonderful way to explore the national park as well. The tour operators also allow for some customisability on request to go exploring nearby caves and streams and for some wildlife spotting too.

Surat Thani Night Market

A famous night market in the province, Surat Thani Night market is a popular hub for food and shopping in the evening and night. While mostly a street food centre, vegetables and fruit vendors are also found. Smaller shops also sell knick-knacks but are lesser in number. A variety of traditional and urban street food is on offer here for affordable prices.

Monkey Training College

When going towards the Donsak ferry terminal you can make a stop at this unique school where monkeys are trained to become skilled coconut collectors. Run by a Thai-Canadian couple, the monkeys are treated free from any kind of cruelty. A reward system is used instead of a punishment system.

Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya Ratchaworawihan

This ancient pagoda is designed in the Mahayana Buddhist style and was constructed way back in the days when the Si Wichai empire was at its most prosperous. It is the only remaining site in the whole of Thailand with examples of art and architecture from this particular era and the temple also houses important ‘Sarira’ Buddhist relics An image of the temple is commonly used as a symbol of Surat Thani province for official purposes and no visit to the province should be complete without paying your respects here. The temple grounds are also home to the Chaiya National Museum, which hosts some fabulous exhibitions related to the art and history of Chaiya city.

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