Isdaan restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac is home to that delightful Tacsiyapo wall. “Tacsiyapo” is the local word for P*tang Ina—the tagalog for son-of-a-bitch. In short, it’s a curse. So instead bad mouthing the situation or the person you are mad at to preserve your image and relationships, the wall is the better venue.

You can buy ceramic and glass dishes here to throw against the wall, with an additional price of 15 pesos/dish included in the bill. Especially for 1,300 pesos, you can smash an old TV against the wall to vent your anger.

It’s interesting coz the wall is adorned with words perfect for your circumstance. All you need to do is hit that particular spot. There’s no score system or something but only the gratification of venting your anger on that particular person or situation written on the wall.

What’s on the wall? —Ex Boyfriend/girlfriend, bolero/bolera, present wife/husband, tv/radio broadcaster, competitor, brother/sister-in-law, casino, driver, neighborhood association.
According to the restaurant owner, many students come to use this service, and there is a part for only the staff, who throw dishes to relieve anger after having to serve snobby or unpleasant customers.
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