Nestled among the lush green foliage in Koh Kood’s ancient rainforest, you’ll be led by hotel staff to “cocoons” that are gradually raised so you can gaze out at the ocean while savoring gourmet delights and wines.

Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner are all offered and are delivered by khaki-clad waiters who swoop through the foliage on zip lines to deliver food and drinks. Much of the menu is sourced from the resort’s own organic gardens and local markets.

Guests can choose from our Gourmet or Luxury Picnics in the air. Our Luxury Picnic can be combined with champagne and prosecco tastings. The Gourmet Picnic lasts for 1 hour whilst the Luxury Picnic takes you on a 2-hour long journey.

The bamboo pods house two to four people who are hoisted around seven metres (23 feet) up in the air to gaze out at the ocean and the great trees that tower all around. The pods are fairly spacious, with a wood-hewn table, cushions, napkins and cutlery, and their spindly exteriors are inspired by the nests produced by the local weaver bird.
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