Labassin Waterfall restaurant is located in the center of Villa Escudero’s historic site, only about 10 km from San Pablo city, Laguna province, the restaurant is a “unique” destination in the Philippines that tourists should not miss.

The Labassin is not actually a natural waterfall, instead, it is a runoff from the Labassin Dam which is the Philippines’ first hydroelectric plant. But even though it’s an artificial waterfall, the experience is nothing less than reality.

When coming to this restaurant, diners will be asked to take off their shoes because they will sit and enjoy their meal while their bare feet feel the cool water from the waterfall flowing down and listen to the soothing sound of running water right next to them. They can even drop into the waterfall to cool themselves off after they finish eating!

To enhance the customer experience, Labassin Waterfall also organizes soft-tune traditional music performed by local dancers, making the space more peaceful and closer to nature.

The restaurant serves hand-picked dishes, including grilled fish served with rice and tropical fruits, all laid out on large banana leaves to avoid the use of polluting plastics and utensils.

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