The playground, designed by Ultimate Entertainments Group, is located in City Square Mall and is equipped with a fully suspended net from the 2nd to 6th floors of the mall. The play area has many activities for visitors to enjoy during their one-hour session. Because this is a playground in the air, visitors will feel like they are astronauts walking on the Moon. This is also the reason why Airzone has a special way of calling their customers – “Airstronauts”.

Airzone divides its play area into 4 levels with level 3 including a giant ball pit and giant soccer ball. The ball pit is considered the symbol of Airzone, with thousands of blue and white floating balls. Among them, there will be two red balls, if customers find them and give them to the staff, they will receive a small gift. Kids can warm up with the giant inflatable soccer area, with air balls and a giant inflatable goal.

On level 4, a free-roaming Games and Activity Zone offers “Airstronauts” the opportunity for creativity and imagination. This space is also a hireable events space which could be cleared to host mini events and group activities for our communities, for example, Fitness classes, Trampoline classes and Dodgeball sessions. Finally, the highlight of the attraction will take “Airstronauts” on a fast track down a giant slide from level 6 to level 5.

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