On the island of Luzon, there is a place arranged by Mother Nature to look like a Russian matryoshka doll (a doll with many layers, open a large one will have a small one inside). Taal Lake is a volcanic lake located on the active Taal Volcano, and within this lake is another volcanic island, and within this island, there is another lake (Lake Crater). And that’s still not the end of the uniqueness of this place, because located in Crater Lake is another small island called Vulcan Point.

Taal Volcano, at 311 meters at its highest point, is the second most active volcano in the Philippines. Even so, Taal Lake is still a popular tourist destination, hailed as “a place of heavenly beauty”.

The way up the mountain does not have much shade, so if you want to climb to the top and see this unique geographical feature firsthand, you should bring shoes, hats, and climbing gear ready. There are many drink shops on the top of the mountain, so you can rest assured if you forget to bring water. Exploring the top of the volcano by buying a tour is a highly recommended suggestion by many tourists, to ensure your safety.

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