Floating therapy has been around for a long time, as a scientific experiment in the laboratory of John C. Lilly, an American neurologist, and physician, in 1954. To learn about the elements the brain needs to maintain consciousness, the scientist tried putting his body into a non-sensation state using REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy), and he discovered that not only did his mind stay conscious while floating, but it also focused its powers inwards, helping to harmonise and regulate internal functions. As a result, he experienced a profound sense of relaxation and rest.

Based on that experiment, Palm Ave Float Club created water pods with 600kg of Epsom salt dissolved in each pod, allowing users to float on the water easily. The water temperature is also kept at 34.5 degrees Celsius, equal to the skin temperature so that when lying in the pod, the user will gradually fall into a state of no feeling.

One treatment lasts about 60 minutes, and there is an option for a 90-minute treatment, however, most people will try 60 minutes first. When you immerse yourself in the water, your mind begins to calm down and reduce stress, giving you more peace of mind to think or rest after a tiring work day. It also promotes healing, relaxes muscles and lowers blood pressure, or helps creatives come up with new ideas.

If you want to try this experience, you should book tickets before coming, with tickets priced at S$79 for a 60-minute session before 4 pm and S$89 for a 60-minute session after 4 pm. Especially if you choose the 3-day package, each session will be reduced to S$75.

According to achronicvoice.com, palmavefloat.club