Opening the list is the famous crocodile ice cream that you may have heard of. Ice cream contains crocodile eggs, the eggs do not hatch, so it does not affect the growth of this wild animal. You can also choose to eat the original taste or mix flavors such as crocodile coconut or crocodile dragon fruit. When you visit Davao Crocodile Park, don’t forget to try this ice cream.

Have you ever thought of the combination of fish and ice cream? If not, you should try the unique tilapia ice cream in the Philippines! A project of Central Luzon State University (CLSU), this award-winning ice cream received the Salon International de L’Agroalimentaire (SIAL) Innovation Gold Award during SIAL ASEAN Manila 2016 and is now available in select stores. Although the name is tilapia ice cream, the ice cream taste is not fishy at all, but for many people, it has a greasy taste that is easy to eat.

Next is another ice cream from Davao city – Lechon ice cream. Lechon is the famous roast suckling pig of the Philippines and you can find them at any festival, with crispy skin every bite. And now we have Lechon ice cream, with sweet and salty ice cream, topped with a crispy skin that will surely make you curious to try.

When you come to the Philippines, you will surely see many places selling green mangoes with bagoong (a fermented fish sauce), and it is also a quite popular street food here. So do you want to try mango ice cream with bagoong? Coming to Sebastian’s Ice Cream in Quezon City, you can eat this unique ice cream, although it may be a bit difficult to eat. Also at this ice cream shop, you can try the chocolate ice cream served with Arowana, another unusual ice cream flavor of the shop.

In addition to the above ice cream dishes, you can try some more unique flavors only available in this island nation such as Ube ice cream, Bacon and cheese ice cream (Manila), tamarind and chili ice cream (Manila), activated charcoal ice cream, etc

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