Wat Pariwat, also known as Wat Pariwas, is well-known for its statue of famous football player David Beckham as well as statues of other pop culture icons, for which it is also known as called “David Beckham Temple”.

Upon entering the temple grounds, you will see a wall enclosed the courtyard with steps leading to the 2 buildings. In one building, in the back corner of the large altar in the usual temples is a statue of Garuda – one of the legendary winged creatures, but at Wat Pariwat has been replaced by a statue of David Beckham. A statue of him has been at the temple since 1998, with him in Manchester United uniform. The statue is only about 30 cm tall in one corner of the altar, so make sure you can find it when visiting the temple.

In addition to the lively statue of David Beckham, the temple also has many statues and images of many other cultural icons such as Pikachu, Superman, Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse, Barack Obama, etc.

Entering the vihara, you will find a large Buddha statue lying in the most solemn place, along with the walls and ceiling with many colorful sculptures, frescoes and murals. Let me tell you, there is a picture of Albert Einstein too!

Local monks created this temple to spark the imagination of a younger generation. It’s easy for travelers of all ages to spend several hours scouring for all the clever details.

According to cntraveler.com, touristbangkok.com