Elephant Poopoopaper Park is an outdoor, naturally built, eco-friendly museum that introduces and explains the unique steps in making the famous elephant dung paper products.

Once you arrive, you’ll be led around the park with your guide through eight different pavillians explaining each stage of the fascinating papermaking process, from rinsing to product assembly through rich graphics, informative signage, and demonstrations by our skilled artisans.

Visitors can also be introduced to Chiang Mai’s long and rich history of traditional paper-making and handicraft production and trace the history of paper from its invention in China almost 2000 years ago and its evolution throughout Asia, Egypt, Europe, and the Americas.

Once you’ve completed the tour, you can create your own paper sheets. After being spread out, the paper frames will be placed around the park for sun exposure and decoration.

You can also buy a variety of crafts sold in the park, all made from elephant dung paper.

Elephant Poopoopaper Park is open from 9 am to 5:30 pm every day of the week. Admission for adults and children over 1.5 m tall is 100 baht.

According to tourismthailand.org