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Top 100 well-know events of Asean – P.31: Singapore International Film Festival: The longest-running film festival in Singapore

( The Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) is the largest and longest-running film event in Singapore.


 Founded in 1987, the festival has a focus on showcasing international films and providing a global platform for the best of Singapore and Southeast Asian cinema. Over the decades, it has grown to become an important event in the Singapore arts calendar.

Originally launched to give local audiences an opportunity to watch independent and non-commercial films, the festival is now recognized worldwide by film critics for its focus on Asian filmmakers and promotion of Southeast Asian films.

SGIFF is committed to nurturing and championing homegrown talents, and to new discoveries in the art of filmmaking. Its festivities bring to this city a vibrant film culture and a deeper appreciation of its cinematic cultural life. The event serves as a catalyst to arouse the widest public interest in the arts, encouraging artistic dialogue and creative discovery. 

Featuring overseas and local artists in an eclectic array of world and Asian cinema, the event aims to open up new perspectives, make new connections and reach out to over 100,000 participants over an 11-day period. Audiences will enjoy a plethora of activities including film screenings, master classes, fringe events, discussions and awards ceremonies. 

With the Silver Screen Awards as an awards component, the Festival also recognizes excellence in Asian cinema in two main categories – the Asian Feature Film Competition, and the Southeast Asian Short Film Competition.

Now the event in 2022 has begun to be kicked off and calls for filmmakers to contribute their work to the program to promote to the participants.