The festival is usually held near the end of May, with this year’s festival taking place from May 17 to 22. At first, the festival was only filled with a few small traditional competitions, but thanks to development and promotion, the Isen Mulang Cultural Festival has become the pride of the locals of Central Kalimantan.

There are many competitions held during the festival, such as a coastal dance competition, a sakepeng Lawang competition, a statue carving, a talawang carving competition, an iron kambe competition, and an inland dance competition. In addition, the most attractive race is Jukung Hias, also known as the boat decoration race of the Dayak Tribe. Participants in this competition will decorate their boats as beautifully as possible, then later the decoration results will be exhibited at the Kahayan River & Kahayan Bridge, Palangka Raya.

Typical local dishes are sold throughout the festival, with a variety of foods ranging from the typical Dayak lemang called Malamang, juhu palm kernels made from coconut tree heads, and sweet-tasting processed sticky rice in the form of gagatas and kenta cakes. Surely, diners will not find it anywhere else.

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