This fabulous festival is an annual event that is held in the month of June. The Bali Arts Festival was basically started to promote tourism in Bali.

This festival is held for one month. During the festival a large number of exhibitions, cultural programs, contests, competitions and other related activities are held. The festival is attended by a large number of people coming from the districts as well as the villages. The biggest thing about this festival is that it is a low budget festival that lasts for one whole month.

Tourist can come to this festival and learn a lot about the local and the village culture of Indonesia. Every year, the festival is based on a certain theme.

All the dance and music performances are based on this theme. The festival is inaugurated with a glamorous and fantastic opening procession. In this procession you can get to see seven different types of Balinese dances and music styles. You can see the people dressed in colorful traditional costumes, floats as well as huge ogoh-ogoh dolls.

You can come over here and check out the handicrafts items displayed in the stalls. You can watch the dance performances where you can get to see the classical dance performance of Bali like the legong, gambuh, kecak, barong, baris and others. The mask dances are particularly interesting and worth watching. The entertainment programs are simply fantastic. Most of the events are held in the premises of the Werdi Budaya Arts Center. Apart from these, you can try out the local delicacies served in the food stalls.

At present, the conducting of the Bali Arts Festival is becoming difficult due to economic constraints. However, sponsors are coming forward to sponsor this event.

The Bali Arts Festival is one of the most colorful festivals of the city that is worth attending.

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