Minor Basilica of St. Anne is the most renowned landmark in Bukit Mertajam on Penang’s mainland. Built in the mid-1800s, the church has attracted those of Roman Catholic faith from around the region for decades now.

St Anne’s Feast is usually celebrated by pilgrims and the church for 10 days. The festival begins with a nine-day novena, stalls pedalling convenient meals, information booths and ending with a procession of St. Anne’s statue and her daughter Mary on a palanquin within the church’s spacious premises.

This year the festival takes place from July 22 to July 31, with the procession of St Anne and the Blessed Virgin Mary taking place on July 30 with the theme “Salt of the Earth & Light of the World”. This year’s special procession is 6.5km long, with the participation of more than 30,000 pilgrims from Malaysia and surrounding countries.

Considered the second largest Catholic festival in Malaysia after Christmas, St Anne’s Feast usually attracts up to 100,000 pilgrims including foreigners from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Australia.

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