The Lomban Festival in Indonesia is celebrated by the fisherman of the country. It is an annual festival that is celebrated with much fanfare.

On this day the fisherman offers prayers to the sea and thank him for whatever they have caught during the whole year. They also pray for a prosperous year ahead. The fisherman gives offering to the sea on the day of the Lomban Festival. Heads of buffaloes, fruits, flowers and other items are sent out to the sea as offerings.

A major event that is held during this festival is the boat race. One can get to see a large number of brightly painted boasts racing with one another on the seas.

People from far and near come to watch this gala event. On this day, a war is also staged between the fisherman and the pseudo pirates. This is done in memory of those days when the sea pirates used to attack the fisherman and make fishing difficulty for them. It is a traditional and age-old event that is worth watching.

A large number of processions are also held on the day of the Lomban Festival. The most popular of all is the one that is held along the Batang Coast, Semarang, Central Java. This procession is held in order to celebrate the defeat of a supernatural sea creature called King Kala Drupikso.

The procession begins at Bupati’s residence and ends at Klidang Beach. The fishermen dressed in bright and colorful clothes take part in the procession. Once at the beach, the fisherman then go for the canoe race organized for them.

The canoes are painted in bright colors and are richly decorated. It is a spectacular event that attracts people from all across the country and the world. In the evenings, dance programs and feasts are organized.

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