1. Sretsis – Thailand

Pim Sukhahuta, a graduate of the famed Parson School of Design in the United States, developed Sretsis in Thailand in 2002. The fashion label is noted for its high-quality, well-designed, and vibrant women’s clothing. Sretsis has gained widespread acceptance among Thais and other Asian citizens.

After superstars like Katy Perry and Beyonce were seen wearing it on several occasions, its popularity skyrocketed. Sretsis is recognized for its gorgeous tulle evening gowns and adorable floral-patterned dresses. The fashion label sells its products in a number of Asian countries as well as other parts of the globe. All of Sretsis’ stylish items are reasonably priced.

2. Pomelo – Thailand

Pomelo is one of Thailand’s most well-known fashion labels. The fashion label’s concept is based on Bangkok’s native digital fashion. David Jou launched this popular fashion label in 2011. Pomelo has piqued the curiosity of Asian fashionistas by making its items available both online and off. 

Customers have been able to save more money by shopping online, and their things have been delivered to their designated locations. Pomelo has inculcated the act of continually introducing new designs into the fashion market to ensure it competes effectively with other fashion businesses.This has helped to advertise its product both within and outside of Asia.

3. Reves Studio-Singapore 

Reves Studio is an Indonesian fashion label founded in 2016 by Karina Priscilla, a Singaporean, and Karina Widjaja, an Indonesian. The fashion label has turned its attention to the creation of easy-to-wear and economical apparel for clients. 

Reves Studio is a fashion firm that uses silk organza and wool to create unique designs of clothing in vibrant colors for its consumers in Singapore and other Asian nations. Reves Studio’s sensual sheath dresses are ideal for all fashion-conscious women who want to seem radiant, lively, and gorgeous.

4. MimpiKita – Malaysia

MimpiKita is a Malaysian fashion label founded by three Zulkifli sisters in the country. MimpiKita’s fashion outputs, with their elegance, vibrancy, and color splashes, have represented the three sisters’ fashion desires. “MimpiKita” is a Japanese term that means “dream.”

The fashion firm has been focusing on refining its current fashion design on a daily basis, making its fashion products a popular choice for all fashionistas in Malaysia and around Asia. MimpiKita specializes in creating opulent Eid collections, office clothes, casual wear, and bridal dress.

According to seasia.co