Balestier Khalsa FC – Singapore

Formed in 1898, Balestier Khalsa is a merger of two clubs, Balestier United Recreational Club and Clementi Khalsa and is considered the oldest football club in Singapore and in Southeast Asia.

Football team Fathul Karib (later renamed Balestier United Recreational Club) was founded in 1898, of which team Clementi Khalsa was formed in 1999 and the two merged in 2002.

Penang FC – Malaysia

Penang Football Club (or simply known as Penang FC) is a Malaysian professional football club based in George Town, Penang, that competes in the Malaysia Super League.

Unofficially founded in 1920, officially as Football Association of Penang on 21 October 1921, the club represents the state of Penang in football tournaments. The team has traditionally worn a blue home kit.

The state football team play their home matches at the 20,000-capacity City Stadium in George Town.

Persatuan Sepakbola Makassar – Indonesia

Persatuan Sepakbola Makassar, commonly referred to as PSM Makassar, or simply PSM, is an Indonesian professional football club based in Makassar, South Sulawesi that competes in Liga 1 – the men’s top professional football division of the Indonesian football league system.

PSM was founded in 1915 as Makassarche Voetbalbond, making it the oldest club in Indonesian football history. They are also considered one of the most successful clubs in Indonesia, mostly due to their success in the pre-professional era of Indonesian football. 

Union Makes Strength – Indonesia

UMS 1905 or Union Makes Strength is an Indonesian football club based in West Jakarta, Jakarta. They currently compete in Liga 3 and their homebase is UMS Petak Sinkian Stadium.

Union Makes Strength is one of the “POR” (sports associations) in DKI Jakarta. Initially, this POR prioritized athletics, later when it merged with Tiong Hoa Hwee Koan (Pa Hua) FC – a football club founded in 1912 – in 1923, Union Makes Strength officially focused on competing in this king sport.

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