Raja Ampat

Stretching over 40,000 square kilometres, this protected marine area is home to some of the richest reefs on the planet. Head north to the Dampier Strait and Waigeo for current swept coral scapes and pinnacles, with frequent visits from large pelagics like giant trevally, manta rays, and reef sharks.

Or, immerse yourself in some of Indonesia’s most intricate hard and soft coral gardens in Misool. The best part about diving in this region is that each area features unique conditions and reef types, but equally exciting underwater landscapes and marine life. And, with over 2,000 species of fish and coral here, you’ll never run out of new and exciting things to see underwater!


While Komodo is most famous for its namesake species of giant prehistoric land-going dragons, the region is also home to epic diving. Try your hand at high-speed drift diving, with currents so powerful that you won’t even have to kick. Just relax, keep breathing, and watch this stunning underwater environment whiz by! In addition to its beautiful coral reefs, Komodo is one of the best places in the world to dive with manta rays.

Whether you’re diving legendary northern sites like Karang Makassar or the world-famous Manta Alley in the region’s south, you’re nearly guaranteed to spot these oceanic acrobats during your trip.

Tubbataha reef

Few diving destinations can claim the kind of isolation, exclusivity, and biodiversity found in Tubbataha Reef. This remote marine protected area is only open for a few short months each year, and can only be accessed via liveaboard. For visitors, that means undisturbed access to the region’s stunning reefs and big fish encounters – with hardly another dive group in sight!

Found at the heart of Southeast Asia’s Coral Triangle, this incredible destination plays host to marine megafauna like whale sharks, manta rays, and massive shoals of fish. But, the real treat here is the reef itself, with thousands of species on display and simply stunning hard and soft coral gardens.

Mergui Archipelago

If you’ve never heard of the Mergui Archipelago, don’t worry. You aren’t alone. This remote and isolated region has only been open to foreign visitors since 2014. Take a liveaboard trip to this nearly undiscovered destination for incredible diving opportunities on rich reefs, completely encrusted with hard and soft coral, sea fans, and sponges.

The archipelago’s current-swept reef ridges and isolated pinnacles offer some of Southeast Asia’s most impressive underwater landscapes, plus chance encounters with manta rays and whale sharks. But, the true highlight while diving here is the region itself, with spectacular islands and stunning scenery, plus a total escape from civilisation!

Layang Layang

This isolated atoll in the South China Sea is the final frontier for scuba diving, promising intrepid guests a chance to dive on some of the planet’s most pristine and least visited reefs.

Dive sites are typified by massive fields of hard coral, huge walls dropping off into the abyss, and plenty of big fish action. Lying hundreds of kilometres off the coast of Borneo, Layang Layang is home to just a single resort. So you’ll likely have the region’s sun-drenched coral gardens all to yourself, setting the perfect stage for wide-angle photography with stunning reefscapes filling each frame. And, lucky divers can encounter scalloped hammerheads in these waters, sometimes schooling by the hundreds. 

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