Japan is often cited as the country with some of the most inventive vending machines, dispensing everything from gashapon (capsule toys) and Buddhist amulets to live rhinoceros beetles.

However, in Southeast Asia, there are also many very special vending machines that you would not think existed.

Norwegian salmon

The first of its kind in the world, this vending machine dispenses a frozen, vacuum-packed 200-gramme fillet of Norwegian salmon for only 5.90 Singapore dollars ($4.30). There are over 50 of these salmon ATMs across the island-state, from Bedok in the east to Jurong in the west.


Autobahn Motors’ giant 15-storey supercar vending machine in Tiong Bahru, Singapore lets you choose from luxury wheels like Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches, before sending the vehicle down to the lobby for inspection, and hopefully, purchase.

Incense and balms

Ace Wood, a company specialising in rosewood products, has stocked up their vending machine at Singapore’s Gallop Hill Top Resort with mosquito-repellent incense and soothing balms for mosquito bites to keep the itching away.

Frozen pet food

In Singapore, the Petz pet store’s frozen cat food vending machine is where you can buy your fur babies delicious meals made from duck, venison, beef, chicken, sardines and even kangaroo meat for as low as 10 Singaporean dollars ($7.30).

Durian desserts

Durian fans in Singapore rejoice! For 3.80 Singaporean dollars ($2.80), you can indulge in mochi, creampuffs, crepe rolls, tarts and Swiss rolls filled with Mao Shan Wang durian anytime of the day from this dessert and pastry vending machine.

According to airasia.com