Do you love adventure? Do you want to try the feeling of swinging between the large natural space and enjoying the surrounding scenery? Try zipline for your best emotions. Southeast Asia has very good ziplines courses that are sure to offer unique zipline experiences that you can’t find anywhere else.

1. Flight of the Gibbon, Thailand

Often touted as Thailand’s best zipline, Flight of the Gibbon lives up to the hype. The Chiang Mai course is home to an 850-meter zipline, one of the country’s longest. But size is not the only thing that matters in the zipline world. Flight of the Gibbon delivers an epic experience with its winding course through pristine, virgin rainforest and a chance to glimpse endangered gibbons. This safe zipline course is the oldest in operation in Thailand and has an exceptional reputation for a reason: it offers outstanding guides, insights and education about the local jungle’s flora and fauna, and provides adventure seekers an off-the-beaten-track experience next to the cultural hotspot of Mae Kampong village.

2. The Gibbon Experience, Laos

More than just ziplining. The Gibbon Experience in Laos stays true to its name: the tour operator offers a complete ziplining experience. Before ziplines were used for fun, the history of ziplining reveals they were actually quite functional. And The Gibbon Experience utilizes this practical aspect to reduce the amount of up and down hikes in local treks. But that’s not all this unique tour operator offers. Not only are there over 15km of zipline in The Gibbon Experience park, but visitors can also sleep overnight in the treehouses here and learn about the black crested gibbons that call Nam Kan National Park home.

3. Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline, Philippines

500 feet high, Lake Sebu has one of the highest ziplines in Asia. One of the main draws for this area of the Philippines is the waterfalls. And here, you’ll get to see them in one of the most spectacular ways imaginable—bird’s eye view, flying through the air from a zipline.

4. Coral Flyer, Malaysia

Imagine ziplining over crystal clear waters as you breathe in salty sea air and look out upon the ocean. For this reason, Borneo’s longest zipline also happens to be one of Asia’s most unique. Located in one of the region’s most famous marine parks, this 250 meter zipline flies you over the ocean in between two islands.

5. Dark Cave Adventure, Vietnam

The Phong Nha National Park has over 300 different grottoes and caves thought to be 400 million years old! This adventure isn’t a zip line course as such but it does have a 400-metre zip line goes over the river to the mouth of the Dark Cave. You’ll have to complete a short 20-metre swim to get to the cave once the zip line finishes – quite the adventure!  There’s another smaller zipline and an obstacle course that you can take on too.

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