Founded in 1900, it is the second oldest extant newspaper published in the Philippines and the second oldest extant English newspaper in the Far East.

Manila Bulletin was founded in 1900 by Carlson Taylor as a shipping journal. In 1957, the newspaper was acquired by Swiss expatriate Hans Menzi. Following Menzi’s death in 1984, Chinese Filipino business mogul Emilio Yap became the new chairman of the Bulletin. 

Besides its flagship it publishes two other daily tabloids, Tempo and Balita, as well as nine magazines such as the Philippine PanoramaBannawagLiwaywayBisaya and a host of other journals in English, Tagalog, Cebuano and other Philippine languages. It also publishes a number of lifestyle magazines such as Wedding Essentials, Style Weekend, GARAGE Magazine, Agriculture Magazine, Digital Gen, Going Places and Animal Scene.

In June 2020, Manila Bulletin unveiled its Chinese-language online edition, thus becoming the first major Philippine print news outlet to have an online Chinese edition that would cater to the Chinese Filipino population and the Chinese diaspora in the Philippines.

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