TWG Tea is a Singapore luxury chain of tea houses and a handcrafted tea brand of the same name. The brand was founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of a Singapore lifestyle company, The Wellness Group – hence the abbreviation TWG.



Before the launch of the TWG Tea brand, only those who enjoyed coffee were considered a luxury experience. Buying tea and drinking tea is only for the ordinary people.

During the first year of operation, TWG Tea’s products were sold at Dean & Deluca, in New York. In 2010, the brand opened its first overseas store in Jiyūgaoka, Tokyo.




Within six years, TWG Tea opened stores and stores in 14 countries. As of 2014, TWG Tea has distributors or stores in Russia, Japan, Morocco, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, United Arab Emirates, Qatar , Korea, UK, United States, India and Australia.



TWG Tea has sourced the finest quality tea leaves worldwide and delivers luxurious tea-related experiences to consumers in the global premium segment. Since its founding in 2008, the company has opened 77 stores in 23 countries globally and offers more than 100 teas from Asian and European traditions in its stores.



TWG tea salon and boutique offers more than 800 premium teas and exclusive processed teas, harvested from more than 200 tea farms in 46 countries and territories around the world each year.



In addition, the typical product line of TWG tea is the Haute Couture collection. These teas are handcrafted to taste each season and finished in line with the latest fashion catwalk trends. Comes with a unique tea collection, as well as a variety of cakes blended with tea and food flavors.