Twenty4 also creates a new generation of shopping trends by gathering mobile payment, hardware, electronics, mobile internet, and big data in one. It makes people live better and more convenient, and they can also enjoy the convenience brought by the technology of instantiation.

Twenty4 smart convenience store provides 24-hour service. There is no staff in the store, the intelligent vending machines are used to sell popular trendy drinks, foods, snacks and daily necessities. Customers can do cashless transactions with a credit card or debit card which is quick and easy. Twenty4 has partnered with China-listed companies to introduce the latest smart convenience store technology and models to the market. Furthermore, Twenty4 will also find and introduce exclusive products around the world. When traditional shopping malls are closed, we are still in business and continue to generate revenue. Customers can also easily find what they want to buy.

Twenty4 card can be use in the entire Malaysia. Our card is rechargeable and we will also plan to develop a mobile application. This move allows us to analyze the customer’s consumption patterns and data better.

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