Ganesha has an elephant head with two tusks, one of which is broken. Usually, the deity is depicted with four arms, although sometimes he is shown with as many as twenty arms. He is often shown holding an elephant goad, a noose and an axe. Statues of Ganesha often have one or more rats at the feet of the deity, as the rat is Ganesha’s vehicle.

Wat Prong Akat is located in Bang Nam Priao District. The temple was built in 1977 with the great pagoda, outstandingly beautiful, and it is the place that enshrined the Buddha’s relics called “Phra Uraka” that came from India.

At the Lord Ganesha temple is a 49-meter tall statue of a pink-colored seated Ganesha. Inside are several smaller statues of Ganesha, some with two or four heads, often with a red body, but also in colors as green, gold or white.

On the other side of the lake is a Buddhist temple with a massive golden chedi at its center. Large Thotsakan statues armed with a sword guard the temple entrance.

Wat Phrong Akat is located 80 kilometers East of Bangkok. It will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes or more to get there, depending on traffic.

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