The Golden Buddha, officially titled Phra Phuttha Maha Suwanna Patimakon; it is located in the temple of Wat Traimit, Bangkok, Thailand. According to records, the Golden Buddha statue was cast in the 13-15 century, the Sukhothai era.


When Thailand was invaded by Burma, to conceal the statue, people covered the surface of the statue with concrete, until 1950, the statue was buried in rubble and the statue continued to sink into oblivion for a long time.



At one point in its history the statue was covered with a layer of stucco and coloured glass to conceal its true value, and it remained in this condition for almost 200 years, ending up as what was then a pagoda of minor significance. During relocation of the statue in 1955, the plaster was chipped off and the gold revealed.




The statue is 3 metres (9.8 ft) tall and weighs 5.5 tonnes (5.4 long tons; 6.1 short tons). It can be disassembled into nine pieces. The statue was housed in a wat in Ayutthaya until the mid 19th century, and its provenance from Ayutthaya excludes the possibility of it having been made after about 1750.




An old monk was dreamed of, found the statue. After breaking the concrete shell outside, everyone is surprised by the magnificent golden light of the statue, and brought to Wat Traimit to worship, from which the Golden Buddha Temple becomes a must-visit. visit Bangkok. This is also the place where Buddhists show their devotion to the Buddha.

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