In the past, holograms were considered a 3D photographic recording that you could observe in real time but now it seems like scientists have taken it one step further and you can actually touch and feel the hologram pictures as real objects.

Scientists from the University of Glasgow have created a hologram system that makes use of air jets known as “aerohaptics” to replicate the sensation of touch. According to Ravinder Daahiya, a researcher working on the project, the air jets allow you to feel ‘people’s fingers, hands and wrists.

The system doesn’t require any handheld controller to produce the sense of touch, instead it makes use of a nozzle that is able to respond to movements of your hand and blow air with appropriate force.

To test the accuracy of the system, Daahiya, a researcher working on the project, and his team made use of an interactive basketball projection that could be “touched, rolled and bounced”, similar to playing basketball in real life.

While the touch experience is still very limited for now, Daahiya is hopeful that it would have a great impact on video game experience in the future where players would be able to touch objects smack those zombies in real time.

According to wonderfulengineering