The eMeet Luna takes the form of a sleek, lightweight, and highly portable matte device that has the potential to fit into any office.

One of the features that users will appreciate most is the eMeet Luna’s one-click switch to activate AI noise reduction mode. The device boasts a built-in algorithm, far-field pickup, and noise reduction thanks to eMeet’s voiceIA technology and intelligent AI algorithm.

eMeet’s voiceIA technology and intelligent AI algorithm can suppress irritating background noises like air conditioning, keyboard tapping, or other noises that can spoil a phone call, which ensures an immersive sound in a meeting.



Besides, the eMeet Luna does sound clear and loud, because it can calculate how far away a background noise is and then automatically adjusts its call volume to make conversation voices clearer.



Equipped with 3 microphone arrays, Luna enhanced its 360° far-field pickup function. Combined with the self-developed Voice IA algorithm, it delivers clear and fluent conversation in 6-8 attendees’ small-scale remote conferences.

According to Trend Hunter